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Àdírẹ cloth incorporates intricate patterns and complex symbols which reflect indigenous Yorùbá society, providing a valuable insight into Yorùbá religion, culture, folklore, and history. The patterns are passed down through generations with the cloth functioning as clothing and a means of communication, especially for Yorùbá women, because originally àdìrẹ textiles were made entirely by women. “The importance of àdìrẹ as a medium of communication and expression for women should not be understated” (Okundaye 2016, p.7).

One of the most popular and detailed publications about the cloth is “Adire Cloth in Nigeria”, published by the Institute of African Studies, the University of Ibadan in 1971. The book was revised in 2016 with a limited print run.  Lucille carried a few copies back to the UK to distribute through her talks and workshops, click on the link above for your copy before her supply runs out.

  • Paperback: 101 pages
  • Publisher: The Institute of African Studies, Nigeria (2016)