23 October 2022

I’m delivering a short talk as part of this event. Click Here for info


Tuesday, October 11 2022, 2pm (NB this is Mountain time which is 7 hours behind GMT). Click here for Zoom link

What histories, what ancestors, what genetic material, what records are present in the plants and minerals that become artists’ pigments, and what kinds of relationships, across time and culture, spring from reckonings with these histories? How can wild pigments activate decolonization and healing, from reclaiming ancestral knowledge, to Land Back, to anti-racist activism, to learning how to be a good guest, to environmental repair? A series of short tales told by pigment artists will be followed by Q&A and, if time allows, an open mic for audience members to share their own stories of pigment decolonization.

The event accompanies Wild Pigment Project, a group exhibition at Form and Concept Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA featuring the work of over two dozen international artists (including Lucille ) who pair their unique and sometimes ephemeral artwork alongside the foraged pigments which form their personal libraries. Wild Pigment Project is presented in conjunction with Elkins’ solo exhibition Records of Being Held.The exhibition is curated by Tilke Elkins in conjunction Elkin’s solo exhibition Records of Being Held.

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Image Tilke Elkins


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How do we honour our enslaved ancestors when there are no graves with wilting flowers to freshen, to shed remembrance tears? Their brief, harrowing lives ended in fields of indigo, cotton, logwood, and sugar. Their names listed in colonial ledgers as stock inventory are dehumanising chattel words. Who are they, and how do we mourn them?

Lucille Junkere’s entire body of work explores these questions. Her latest offering is a tribute to Africans enslaved to work on Jamaican plantations, whose stories she encounters through her ongoing indigo dye and tropical pigment research. She presents this work, inspired by West African masks, as a Libation, an alternative to the African Caribbean ritual of pouring rum onto the ground as an offering to spirits and deceased souls.

Image Yellow and Green by Image by starline and Image by vector_corp on Freepik


Saturday 16 July 2022 – 2pm – 5pm ONLINE

I’ll be joining Ruth Singer and other amazing creatives for Ruth’s online Making Meaning gathering.

What is it?

It’s not a standard online conference where you just sit and listen. It’s much more active. There will be different kinds of sessions including discussions, films and small groups to meet and talk to others. There will be things to do and take part in or you can just listen if you prefer. You can meet like-minded people and be part of fascinating conversations to spark your creativity and learn new things.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! This event is free to attend thanks to funding from Arts Council England as part of Ruth’s Criminal Quilts project. However, if you are able to pay towards the speaker and organiser costs contributions are welcome. For more information and bookings Please click here

Wednesday 8 December 2021 1 – 4pm


An afternoon symposium of presentations and poetry readings from within the arts and sciences that celebrate the colours of the rainbow. I’ll be presenting a short piece about indigo. Tickets are free but booking is essential. Book here

Two upcoming online events hosted by the lovely Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft

TALK : Indigo – The Deep Dark Blues (online)

Lucille will outline her artistic career to date, and present her latest research focusing on the legacy of colonialism in African Caribbean indigo history exploring the idea of reconnections. Lucille’s presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session with audience members.


WORKSHOP : The Blues: An Introduction to Dyeing with Natural Indigo (online)

Saturday 3 July 2021 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Click here for more information

Learn how to create and maintain a non toxic indigo recipe; ideal for achieving medium to dark indigo blues with plant fibres. Other recipes suitable for protein fibres and lighter blues will be discussed during the session and you will receive a list of recipes and resources. Materials are supplied but you will need to provide your own equipment.

Panel Member – Pigments Revealed Symposium June 16 – 19 2021

Pigments Revealed Symposium 2021 is the first professional, international and cross-disciplinary symposium dedicated to natural pigments. Focus will be on mineral and earth or land pigments (botanical, synthetic and all pigment people welcome!). All talks and events are online (and recorded to view again later) in a virtual conference space for 2021.

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